Friday, January 27, 2012

My New Blog

I have decided to develp this blog in an attempt to share some of my creative ideas with others.  Some days I'm more creative than others.  This blog will have some of those creative ideas posted.  In addition, it may contain a variety of other information.  It will remain a clean site and will at all times be a reflection of my love for Christ.  I invite people to share in the fun that I hope to develop on this site.  I will post pictures of my creativity.  Everyone is invited to make any comments (Please remember the clean motto).  I may also post recipes and other tidbits I've learned over the years. 

This site will more than likely, chronicle the saga of the remodeling of our house after our fire this past November.  I am looking forward to being able to move back in, even though I know that will be probably about a year from now.  I'm hoping we might make it back in by the holidays this year.  That would be the ultimate Christmas present for me.  We are currently in the clean up stage.  We have to finish cleaning out the damaged items and begin anew with the inside.  This house was built in 1865 and although I wasn't planning demolition by fire, we were considering several remodeling projects.  Those projects just got pushed forward.  We will be a doing a large percentage of the work ourselves, so this should prove interesting. 

A little about me.  I work as a nurse in the Newborn nursery.  Everyone says what a wonderful job that must be.  It is a wonderful job, but unfortunately, there are days that I have admitted enough new babies and listened to enough crying babies to know that every day isn't as fun as everyone assumes.  However, it is amazing to see new life and the miracle that God performs. I am mother to 3 children of my own and have been involved in the lives of two step children as well.  Currently I only have one of my children remaining at home.  He will be 17 in February and although I was truly looking forward to having an empty nest, God had other plans for us.  We currently have custody of a 5 year old granddaughter.  She is truly a blessing, even if it means my nest may never be empty.  I also have a 2 year old grandson.  I  would like to say that I really enjoy being a grandma, but it feels so much like being a parent, and somehow you just can't spoil those that live with you as you should. 

I enjoy a variety of activities.  Among those include a variety of craft projects.  I began scrapbooking when my granddaughter was born. I love to be able to make interesting scrapbook pages.  I'm not the avid scrapbooker that some are, as I have no desire to put all my pictures into scrapbooks.  I just like to take a few here and there and be able to see how the kids have changed over time.  My motto is "However many pictures are in a book when I die is how many will be there." I frequently vex scrapbookers by insisting that I am not behind in my scrapbooking.  This hobby began as a stress reducing exercise.  I refuse to let it stress me.  Once I was well established with the scrapbooking, I was invited to a card stamping class.  It only took one time and I was hooked.  Some of it is the pretty paper and the inks and stamps, and some of it was my wonderful friend Anna who is always such a joy to just hang out with. 

In addition to the paper crafting I also enjoy sewing from time to time, cake decorating (I dabble) and flower arranging.  Not to mention that from time to time I come across other crafting ideas that appeal to me.  To this end I decided to create a craft room for myself, once my daughter had flown from the nest.  I began simply with her room and proceeded to fill it with a variety of craft supplies. (Believe me it is well stocked) Initially, I had a variety of storage in my room and a table to work on.  After a couple of years, my son asked to trade rooms (He wanted the closet I had) and since I ddin't really need the closet I agreed.  During that trade I decided to make my craft room a little more what I wanted in a craft room.  I have some cabinets (mostly used) and countertops in my room.  And a nice big crafting table in the middle.  I decorated it in the decor I liked and had a very soothing place to go and "play".  Unfortunately (or maybe forutnately) now that we have had the fire, we will be tearing out all the walls and rewiring the entire house.  Translated as we will be totally redecorating the entire house including, but not limited to my craft room. This time I know what was working for me and what wasn't so it will be even more developed to be as functional as possible.  I'm hoping when we are done with the remodeling, to have a nice room I can invite my friends over to play and hold card/scrapbooking classes. 

So, this week, the focus has been on developing cards for my next two card classes.  These are currently being held at the library at Crawfordsville, IN.  The first class will be February 9th at 6:30.  We will make 5 cards.  The second will be a Card Buffet on February 11th at 9:00 and we will make 8 or more cards that day. I'm looking forward to these classes.  It gives me a chance to get out and play with others who enjoy these projects as much as I do.  Later today or tomorrow I will post the pictures of the projects we will be making in the classes.  

Well, most of you are probably wondering how much I can post in one blog.  I could go on, but since I've probably lost half the group after the first couple of paragraphs I will halt my wanderings for the moment.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.  And even though the sun might not be shining, remember the Son is shining.

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