Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quilting my latest project

A few years ago, I took a beginning quilting class.  While I had sewn for years, I had never really tried the quilting thing.  When I took the class, the teacher wanted us to hand piece the first block and then she said if we wanted to we could machine stitch the remaining blocks.  I found that I enjoyed hand piecing the blocks and finished the entire project hand piecing it.  I got to the quilting stage and began quilting it, but did not finish it. Life got busy here and after the fire I have been unable to locate the project. I still have hope that I might come across it when I finally get things finished up in my craft room. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a friend call me and ask if I would like to go check out some quilt shops.  A couple of them I had been to before, but we also checked out a new one.  As I love the feel and color of the fabrics of course I was game to go.  We spent the day going to these shops and stopped for lunch along the way.  It was a great day.  My friend even gave me a little "spending" money to get something to work on (of course, I probably have enough fabric in my "stash" to make numerous quilts). I chose some materials and we copied a pattern out of book she had for a small wall hanging. I began piecing the blocks and again find that I enjoy the hand piecing.  We decided that over the summer we would get together from time to time on rainy days and work on our projects.  She pieces hers on the machine, so hers go together much quicker.  Yesterday we got together at a local quilt shop and worked on our projects.  I had pieces the blocks that mine needed pieced and was able to cut out the remaining blocks and triangles to begin putting together my rows.  I laid out my blocks and arranged them as I wanted them and pinned my rows together.  Last night I came home and while watching television, I put together two more rows. I'll take it along today and work on putting my rows together while I wait for a doctor's appointment for Jim.  It will give me something to work on while we wait.  I'll  be putting my final pictures here when I finish. The pattern that I chose to work with was Pink Patches Doll Quilt.  I mostly chose it because it was fairly simple.  And while I have years of experience sewing, quilting is still somewhat new to me. 

Of course since I am now looking at quilt projects I'm now looking at fabric in a whole new light.  I happened to be in the fabric section at Walmart and came across a fabric that just has to go in one of my next projects.  I couldn't just stop with the paisley print I found. I had to continue until I had enough pieces to be able to make another small quilt and had to match the colors in the paisley.  so, I have another project ready when this one finishes.  Yesterday while we were at the local quilt shop, I also saw a quilt on the wall that I would love to do for our bedroom.  So, I need to get the book with the pattern and start collecting fabric to make it.  I already have an idea what colors I will do it up in, but finding them will be lots of fun.  While I would love to make it up for our bed, I'm not sure I can aspire to making a King sized quilt yet. I think I need a few more that I can put on the walls first. 

I'll post when I have this project finished and what some of my upcoming projects will be. 

Later this week I will be doing a bulk cook prior to the beginning of my new classes starting.  I'm hoping to have enough meals in the freezer that it will make cooking during the next several weeks much easier.  I'm sure these classes will be at least as demanding as the previous ones have been.  I'll post what meals I end up with in the bulk cook.  These are mostly freezer casseroles and dinners to dump in the crock pot.  It is so much nicer to be able to just reach in the freezer and put it in the crockpot and go on about the day. 

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