Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

Nothing like being up to watch the sunrise when you didn't really sleep the night before.  This morning is one of those days.  I had trouble getting to sleep last night, woke up several times and finally at 6:30 decided to give it up.  Today is going to be a full day.  I have to finish getting ready for the card class tonight at the library.  I also need to go over to the house and work on gathering up trash to put out.  This house clean up has been a slow process.  Hopefully, once the weather gets warm it will go smoother. 

I'm trying to self motivate by trying to plan out what we are going to do with the remodel.  We have several changes we want to make, and while we are out of the house and repairing, this is the perfect time to make the changes.  I'm leaning to concrete countertops for the kitchen.  I'm researching to see if we can Do-It-Ourselves.  HGTV says we can, so we'll see.  I never thought I'd be learning to do that, but why not. Doing it that way may allow me to have everything I want in my kitchen and still be able to maintain a budget.  If anyone has knowledge, feel free to comment. 

This past week I've been working on ways to increase my Stampin' Up business.  I'd like to be able to hold more classes.  I really want to try and start a Stampin club as well as a Big Shot club.  I'm hoping by the time I move back into the house, to have several classes at the house and use my nice new craft room.  It will be even newer and nicer than before when we finish.  It seems a little sad to have to pull out the plaster in that room since we already redid it before, but I guess now I can fix any flaws I had before, so it will work.  I'm trying to think outside the box on the remodeling so I can really find ways to use our spaces to the best ability.  I'm really excited that we can make changes, but at the same time a little timid about doing so.  Something about these old houses fascinate me, but I'm hesitant to change too much. There are many things that just don't "work" well right now and I really want to make those better. 

Later today I'll be posting some more new cards.  I plan on making several new cards for classes down the road.  I am also working on cards to use in the business and those are just fun ideas I come up with.  I also have a few occasion cards to make for a wedding and sympathy as well as Valentine's cards for Carolena's preschool.   Today should be a busy card making day.

So, I should stop rambling and get busy with the cards. 

Have a Blessed Day.

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